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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Navakaal ePaper Download Today Navakal 2019 PDF Marathi Newspaper Daily

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How to Read Marathi Daily News Paper on Mobile

Are you looking for today news papers to read online?  Reading newspaper on mobile phone is very trending now days than reading the epaper on the desktop or tablet or laptop as you can easily read the any local language news paper on mobile using the epaper facility provided by the official website of a newspaper.

In Maharashtra, there are lots of famous, leading news papers daily edition are available  to read daily through the home news paper copy to mobile version enews paper, pdf format news paper, daily news paper read online on mobile phones from the official website portals or using the mobile apps in smartphones.

Navakal ePaper Today PDF Download

Are you looking for PDF format epaper of Navakal marathi newspaper?   Want to know how you can download free pdf version navakal paper on your desktop, mobile, tablet, laptop?   In this article we are talking about one of the famous, oldest and leading marathi news paper NAVAKAL News Paper which is recently launched online reading facility to the news paper readers who can easily download the pdf format Navakal epaper on their smartphone to read on go.

Now the question is that what are the steps you have to follow to read Navakal epaper online either on mobile phone or on the desktop, tablet, laptop devices.    I know that your next question will be like "How you can read marathi news paper NAVAKAL epaper version on mobile or on desktop"?   I know that you are here to read today Navakala daily news paper edition or you are probably looking for the previous month old news paper to read a particular news which was published in that day, date, year news paper edition of Navakal.

So now let us know how to find today or old marathi navakal epaper online.
There are following methods by which you can find your favorite Navakala epaper or old edition copy online or offline too!

How to Read Navakal News Paper - Navakal Mobile App, Navakala Website, Old Navakal Edition Copy

#1. Navakal Newspaper Mobile App

Are you looking for Navakal epaper mobile app version?  Want to download in your smart phone to read today epaper of navakal marathi news paper?  Then here is the information that gives you how you may download the mobile app navakala epaper version in your smartphone.

Search for "Navakal epaper" or "Navakal Mobile App" in search engine or the app store of your mobile operating system such as Play Store for Android users, iOS for Apple operating system users, Windows app store for Windows users and search whether you can find any Navakala epaper or not.

Note: For your information, today on 01 May 2017, I have tried to find the official mobile app for navakal epaper, but I really fed up to download any real app which is authenticated by Navakal office.  However, you can find there are many apps are available to read marathi news paper online.  In those mobile app, I found that they have given the link to the official website of Navakal epaper.   So the point is that I do not found any official app for Navakal so far.

Are you knowing the official mobile app which is recently launched by Navakal?  If yes, then please update us by giving a comment below that mobile app is available in the app stores so that we will update our this post.

#2. How to Download to Read Navakaal PDF Version on Official Website @

Yes, official website is available to read pdf format epaper online on your mobile phone.  As said in first point that there are few marathi news epaper mobile app which are given the link to the official website of, is an official website by Navakal Office.

How to read marathi news paper Navakala online on website? -

Simple! - Just visit the website url and you can find e-Paper link on the right side of the official web page of Navakal.   Click on that epaper which can download today marathi news paper of daily Navakal updated daily basis with today's paper edition, officially.   Open the PDF downloaded file and read marathi epaper on your mobile phone or on desktop or on laptop, tablet.

#3. Get Old Navakaal ePaper Online 2019

Are you looking for old version of Navakal marathi news paper?  Well, you are very lucky that to find past ten years epaper are available on the official website of Navakal.   I think this is really unique idea and facility that Navakal have provided to their regular readers to read old news paper edition online from their official portal.

How to read old edition of marathi news paper Navakal online? - 

Simple! - Visit the official website and then find the menu "Sangrah" in Marathi or "" in English where you can find all previous edition epaper copy year wise, then when you select year of which you want to find old paper, then find by month wise, then select the month of which you want to read old paper, then select the date as date wise epaper is uploaded by the Navakaal team.   So this is really interesting thing that all old version epaper edition are available on internet from 2008 to till date.

#4. How to Get Old Navakaal Newspaper Offline

If you want to find old hard copy of Navakaal, which you may not find online due to any error or you do not found the which you want then you may visit the nearest paper vendor who distributes the Navakal daily news paper to the news paper sellers.  You can tell the exact date to the distributor of news paper and he may give you hard copy only if it is available which you can purchase.

The best way to take offline print of epaper is you should find it online as mentioned in Above Step 3.   If it is not possible to take print on A4 paper sized paper then just take print of important news which you want to keep as record such as any achievements or local news which have published in the Navakala paper which you want to keep in your record can take print for that column for future references.

So this is all about that you should know about Navakal Marathi news epaper online and offline edition.   We are always supporting to Navakal newspaper from our website to provide the relevant information that may be interesting to the news paper readers of the Navakala.

If you have any query, or want to get any information please comment below.


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