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About (or we, or website or blog) is providing the information about leading marathi newspaper Navakal.   Navakal is the leading and oldest marathi newspaper in Maharashtra state. is un-official blog of the Navakal.

We are trying to provide some basic information and details of the Navakal Marathi newspaper, Navakal ePaper Today PDF Download, Navakal ePaper OLD, Navakal ePaper Yesterday
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All those details are already available on the official website of Navakal.

The official website of Navakal is is un-official portal of the Navakal newspaper supporting to Navakal team to provide the epaper information to the daily newspaper readers.

We are always ready to help and support Navakal team and newspaper as it one of the famous and leading and oldest newspaper in marathi language.

The contents posted in this websites are either correct or wrong as those contents are written on the basis of latest information available on the internet and from the newspaper of Navakal.   However, in future, those contents can not be useful or may change time to time and thus we are not any legal, or hired, or appointed, or officials, or approval, or authorised, or authorised members of the Navakal.   The contents posted in our website are for the information purpose only.

We advice to our blog readers to use official website of Navakal mentioned above to get the authenticate information of Navakal or you can read today's epaper on the official portal of navakal.

If you have any query or want to give suggestion on our website, then please feel free to contact us through Contact page.


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This website provides information on Navakal Marathi newspaper. This blog is supporting to Navakal team and Navakal newspaper readers about Navakal epaper and "how to navakal. We are not any authorized or official of team Navakal. Read Disclaimer & About.

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