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Are you looking for Navakal ePaper Today to read Navakal Marathi Newspaper online?   Navakal Marathi news paper is one of the famous and one of the oldest marathi news paper now available to read online.   Readers can download PDF format ePaper of Navakal news paper which is available on the official website of Navakal website.

Reading news paper is a habit and routine task of everybody of us who read news paper daily and if any day miss the news paper read then it feel like we are missing something as it is a routine task and without reading news paper we can not start our daily work.

Now almost all leading news papers have started ePaper version to provide news paper reading facility to online readers.   Readers can easily view and read daily news papers online in the local language on their computer, mobile, tablet devices.

Navakal ePaper Today Marathi Online Newspaper

In this article, we have given information about Navakal epaper, Navakal newspaper, Navakal Marathi newspaper today.   You can find the history of navakal newspaper, how to read Navakal epaper Today, Navakal Marathi Newspaper Online.   This website is all about Navakal news paper, marathi news paper and how you can download the today marathi news paper copy of Navakal in your mobile, tablet or computer.

Now there are mostly mobile internet users than computer, laptop, tablet who surf internet on going and it is really easy on go to read their favorite marathi or any other language news paper's epaper version on their mobile.

History of Navakal Newspaper

Navakal is one of the famous and leading marathi newspaper which as a great history and is one of the few which starting during british government before the independance of our country India.   DAINIK NAVAKAL was established on 07 March 1923 by Natyacharya Khadilkar, who had started Navakal news paper with very advanced success against british government during their ruling government in India.

As mentioned above that On 7th March 1923, Natwarya Khadilkar established the daily 'Navakala'. He was successful in 'Navakal'. The British government filled the sedition case (9 February 1929) on the new postal editor and commentary by him. On March 27, he was sentenced to one year simple imprisonment and a fine of two thousand rupees. But it was a British quadrangle. As soon as he left, he decided to quit and wrote the editorial of 'Navakal' accordingly.

In March 1929, his eldest son Yashwant Krishna alias Appasaheb Khadilakar became editor. Kakasaheb returned in jail in January 1930. However, they did not become the editor again. Naty parya was 58 at this time. But he spontaneously left the editor! Where to stop them? It was well known!

Navakal - The Tradition to leave the Editor Yourself : Appasaheb Khadilkar left his editor on October 1, 1969 at the age of 64 on the occasion of Dasara celebrations and declared Nilkanth Khadilkar as editor, printer and publisher! This is the tradition of dramatics! Nilkanth Khadilkar left the editor of 'Naval' in March, 1997, at the age of 63 in March 1997. Their daughter Jayashree Ramakant Pandey declared as Editor, Printer and Publication! Ongoing in December 1998, the postmodial division of 'evening' The youngest daughter Rohini, Nilkanth Khadilakar, was given the editor. The first girl Vasanti Unni was made the manager. All accounts of salary and office, wife of Shri. Nilkanth Khadilkar, Mrs. Mandakini Nilkanth Khadilkar is managing for 18 years.

Note:  The above sentences are directly translated from the official website of Navakal from Marathi Language to English Language using Language Converter.

One day, I was searching for Navakal epaper to read on my mobile, however due to technical error or I do not remembering what was the problem on that day, but I can not found epaper of Navakal epaper online not even on the official website.    There is a facility provided by Navakal official website @ to read e newspaper of Navakala and it updates daily.   Newspaper readers can find PDF download facility and can read full paper on their computer, mobile, tablet.

Then on that day, when I had not found e paper version, I was too late to purchase the newspaper from out side as the copies of the newspaper was already sold and shop was also closed.  Then I missed the news that I was looking for that day and it was really urgent for me to find that news.    However, I did not found any such copies later.   So next day again when I login to official website @, I found the e paper was available, so I thought that there might be technical error on the site or my side that I did not get the previous news paper copy to read urgently.

Updates:  Surprisingly!!  When I was writing this article, I overlook at the official website of Navakal which is quite updated with all old epaper and we can find the old news paper copy pdf download too and Yes, I have found the same news paper copy which I was looking for that day to read online so thank you Navakal team for updating your website and providing the all old edition copies of Navakal which is available @ - Navakal >> Sangrah (menu)

Now, I am a regular reader of Navakal ePaper which I read on my Smartphone mobile and I download the pdf format news paper also to read that paper on move, so whole day when you get time can easily read the pdf download file on your mobile even though not availability of the internet.

Navakal marathi news paper is available today pdf download from the official website.   If you want to download daily marathi news paper copy then you need to visit the navakal official website and then visit the menu /library or in marathi it written as "Sangrah"  where you can find all the old edition copies of Navakal from year 2008 to till date.  Now we can easily download the previous day or yesterday Navakal epaper from the official website of Navakal.

Navakal Old ePaper PDF Download

If you are looking for old epaper of marathi navakal newspaper, then you can easily find the old epaper of Navakal online.  We have given all the basic details of Navakal newspaper in this website blog so we also have given the details of how you can find old epaper of navakal daily newspaper online.  You can read our articles on the old Navakal epaper below link.

Read:  Navakal ePaper OLD in PDF Format


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